A Legend To Zelda


Everyday a legend is born
Some get the recognition
most won't
Does that mean we stop what we do?
Hell no!

Verse 1

(yeah), You mean to tell me that
all I gotta do is part a little water
turn it into wine
and give it to the daughters
write a few scripts (yeah)
a new world order
a new constitution
connect a few borders
learned from the forefathers
never follow orders
while you sit on the corner
I'll sit on the quarter
you put me on the copper coin
and I'mma turn my back to you
waking up the masses
yes is something I was born to do
and I wont stop
til I'm a legend like the fresh prince
fuck being a star
gimme the folks with
the most sense
we'll start to congregating
you can call us constellations
dropping beams of light
to all you dark spots
across the nation


A little more grind
and I will be a legend
a couple more rhymes
and I will be a legend
I'm ahead of my time so
I will be a legend
I will be a legend
I will be a legend
to everyone who doubted me
I will be a legend
A hero a prodigy
I will be a legend
no question i gotta be
gotta be a legend
a legend
a legend
uh, uh, a legend
one day

Verse 2

now everybody wondering
how to be a legend
praying to their deacons
and their local reverends
but they don't have the answers
they barely have the questions
here's a simple question
take it as a lesson
why the poorest people
pray the most
poorest people
work the most
ladies with the holey shoes
always catch the Holy ghost
you think then starving kids
care about your light bills
niggaz with life in jail
don't care about tight wheels
they just surviving
trying to stay alive
in a society that let em down
while you steady crying
stop all your complaining
it's time to be a legend
it's time to get presents
for your presence

Chorus again

They checkin me in history
everybody came just to see
I'm no longer a mystery
I'm a legend
a legend
uh uh a legend
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