Yeah, DeStorm
Mad critical
And original (put your hands up)
Brooklyn, stand up (put your hands up)
Everyone around the world (put your hands up)
Stand up (everybody hands up)
And if you a survivor
I wanna hear you say

When they try to cut you down say (I'm a survivor)
And if they try to shut you down say (I'm a survivor)
And even if the world is in your way (I'm a survivor)
You just believe in what you do and say (I'm a survivor)

Yo, listen
Be a Survivor
If you from the ghetto or Boondocks
Where the One Tree Hill
Or if you South of the Park
You could be from Smallville
Cause it's real on every block
They selling Weed out the Cribs
And pushing the 30 Rock
But I did that, true that
So you ain't gotta do that
Y'all do these Dirty Jobs
To be in The It Crowd
Visitors come around and
Everybody start Wildin' Out
Keep your focus, look up
Stop looking for a Hook Up
I'm from The Wire not the Blue Mountain State
The Burn Notice on the door
Eviction order's on the gate
Promise Friends I make it out the hood
Get in The Office, shout the hood
I never knew one day that
I'll be making songs about the hood
There's 8 Simple Rules
We keep the Law, we keep the Order
Stash the guns no cross the borders
Teach the sons and teach the daughters
Have a tight Entourage
One day you'll have to Flash Forward
You want out the House?
Then all you do is ask for it

Instead of moving out the Projects
Y'all Pimping a Ride
Your Mom's going through divorce and
Turned to Desperate Housewives
Dudes Party Down
Everybody trying to be the King of Queens
Not the Family Guy
While the ladies they just Gossip Girls
Scrubs lie to get ass
Throwing around The L Word
In the 'burbs, kids go missing
And in the hood, they just Lost
So fix your Criminal Mind
All be gone before your time
And the Cops and CSI
Find your Bones in some ride
And your Mama got True Blood
Running from her eyes
Saying an Angel took her baby
Now she constantly cries
You see, Mama don't want no drama
She was strong enough to raise Two and a Half Men
In the Future, I'mma show her we lasting
Show her that we're laughing
Even if we're last in
It's an Amazing Race and we just gotta cash in
Do what we gotta to do to be what we gotta be
You with me? Say you with me
And don't you lie to me

Everybody around the world
Let's arrive together
Get live together
Let's arrive together
I'm a survivor
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