Love Signs


Had an Aquarius
Met an Aquarius girl
Had so many friends
Loved to travel the world
Claimed she needed freedom and unusual things
Then she got rebellious
Too many mood swings
Now I'm moving on to a Pisces
A little less feisty
She can be wrong, she can be right
Sometimes she go along, sometimes she fights
She can be strong, hope that I'm your type

I hope that I'm your type
You're the kind of girl I like
And when I said "Are we compatible?"
She said "Skip the bullshit"
Tell me what's your sign?
Girl, what's your sign (cause you're so fine)
Cause you're so fine (girl, what's your sign)
Tell me what's your sign
And I hope that we're compatible

I think I fell in love with a Virgo
Loved staying home
That's what I prefer, though
Trust issues, girl you think too much
Analyze everything and drink too much
And I know you're mad loyal but I gotta move on
Found me a Scorpio to get my groove on
She the type of girl that'll look into your soul
Never indecisive, Yes or a No
And even though she's aggressive with passion
I need a girl that compliments without asking
I leave it up to my Sag
She keeps me up when my life's on crash
Heart of a child but she never demanding
But we keep having these misunderstandings (I don't get it)
And I don't know why
Guess I need a Libra in my life
To sugar coat things instead of saying it right
Anything to avoid being impolite
Contradictory persona
Attitude owner
She loved to argue, I had to move on
My Gemini, I got bored so quick
But I made her my wife
Cause she so damn thick
Intelligent and witty
But come time to choose
Her sensitive ass is always confused

Yo, whaddup Taurus?
Found me a bull
Glass half empty, she all half full
So strong-headed, perfect control
I test her patience she keep it composed
And she's a little bit stubborn and it shows
Should've seen her reaction when I said I had to go
Whoa, and I found me a Leo
The center of attraction everywhere that we go
She loved the living style
Dominate the crowd
Everytime we go out, she would stay for a while
Demand her respect and love, pleasing me
I've never seen a lion hurt so easily
And I admit it was scary
So I moved on to an Aries
Little rebel, stubborn little devil
In her own world, guess I wasn't on her level
I thought she was selfish and a bit naive
Till I realized she just wanted her before me (I get it)
And since I wasn't all about her
A Capricorn I would prefer
A go-getter, still a bit shy
Your self confidence is catching my eye
You said you're independent
Girl so am I
You worked so hard and that's no lie
Yeah, my last chance was a Cancer
Went through her emotions before she would answer
At times we barely got along
She was all about protecting her family and home

I hope that I'm your type (Am I your type?)
You're the kind of girl I like (Cause I like you, I like you)
Tell me what's your sign

Yeaaaah, you ever date an Aquarius girl?
I'm an Aquarius when I touch you in various Aries
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