2011 Rap Up!


Now that 2011 over they say ''what you gon' do?''
Beg your pardon, motherfucker, i say '' what you gon' do?''
(we gon' rap it up)
If the world gon' end, then i'm going, i'm going, i'm going, i'm going crazy

Shout out to obama
For murkin' osama
Bin laden beg your pardon
But 2012 is starting up
While everybody watching jay and ye up on the throne
I'm down at penn state screaming leave them boys alone
An economic crisis, the government won't answer me
Are they getting away with murder, guess i'll ask casey anthony
Dropped battlefield and modern warfare 3
And everybody playing skyrim, took an arrow to the hey hey
Wait, wait, prince william married kate
Watching people suffer in japan from the aweful earthquake
Damn near caused a nuclear crisis that was coming your way
And we still pray for the lives that we lost in norway
Locked out the nfl, locked out the nba
Gabrielle was out in public, but they shot her anyway
The last launch for nasa, surprise, she ain't dead
Like the mavericks, winning, that's what charlie sheen said

While we tivo, teebow, we know people losing jobs
9% is unemployed so you can save the ooh's and aah's
So they occupy wall street, and search for better jobs
Tried to spread the word like cancer, cancer killed steve jobs
I guess we need a safer route
Murdock lost his paper route
Pittsburgh came for 45, pacs came back to take 'em out
The cardinals won the world series
Now i don't know what this girls theory is but
Kim kardash marriage didn't last
The harry potter series is now in the past
Ray said ryan was hard to pass
Drake said take care and common's back
Shady cypher, rihanna's back
Beyonce gave jay-z a father pass
Adele dropped 21 on that ass
I won best male, no autographs
I ought to brag, but..
Honey badger don't give a shit
A coffin for gaddafi and kim jong was ill
Losing frasier was no joke, just ask patrice o'neal
And ms.amy needed rehab to come up off the pill

We lost ashford, andy, macho and mrs.taylor
Nate and heavy d, two dogs that'll never fail ya
The arabs sparked the protest, cursing like a sailor
The war is over, troops go home, at least that's what they tell us
Facebook had a makeover, youtube had a makeover
The iphone 4s dropped, and siri decided to takeover
Well it's true, cause i'm dropping facts
People getting mauled on friday, but there's no rebecca black
Crystal left the hef, there were riots in the uk
No justice for michael, put your weiner away
Robert ebert talking 'bout what ryan dunn done
The muppets came back for fun
Japan won the world cup
And regis finally hung it up
Thought astro was a factor, but the factor blew my girl up
Better curl up, irene came to destroy things
Hurricanes, can't wait to see what 2012 brings
This year was embarassing
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