Rapping Movie Titles!


For the next four and a half minutes
Imma tell ya all about my life
And still get all your movies in

My life's just like a movie
All these things that happen to me
See they make me strong
No matter what you do
I'm unbreakable
Gotta live my life

My life's just like a movie
All these things that happen to me
If only you could see through my eyes
You would realize
Gotta live my life
My life's just like a movie

Yea, yo
When i was a baby boy the godfather didn't love us
Big momma had enough and said it's time to step brothers
See the inside man is always the one to hurt you
With his hand cocked back
He'll turn your skin the color purple
Or take your face off
And now the family's in shock
And the girl next door was addicted to the rock
See, you got served
Now the pretty woman's dyin
Thought you was gettin saved
But whos savin private ryan?
Now with your scarface
You up the creek without a paddle
And need a superman that's gonna save you from the battle
The small soldiers growing to be the lord of the rings
Started out as lost boys
Attracted to wild things
Mommy dearest said i am legend
Not the enemy of state
So prepare for armageddon
Life is slippin away
So i walked 8 miles and i drove three hundred
To become brooklyn's finest
And make mo' money
I felt like amistad
Just comin to america
Everything was taken
Causing me hysteria
Maybe these sickos don't like men in black
But even the big fish were falling through the cracks like a movie

Yo, yo
I realized life is rocky
You gotta pray to make it through
And i won't cop out 'cause i'm a terminator too
Drop the grudge and decided not to panic
Room for improvement is as big as the fuckin titanic
I called up atlantic
Asked them if they want a star
Wars broke out
And i was the avatar
They said hell naw
But i could fill the seats
And sell 5 million
In 5 heartbeats
I thought this is it they put the black hawk down
I swear i'll be the man
I put that on this 7 pounds
They just laughed
Destorm, how da hell you sound?
Tryin to keep me off et
But i'll never back down
'cause im the real deal
I can feel it in my gut an'
Out to get the jacksons and benjamin's but
When everybody wear the mask and they givin you the shaft
I feel like a ghostbusters
Out here causin me to crash

Yo, yo, yo
Everybody saw
I was in the pursuit of happiness
Catch me if you can
Cause imma make it happen
With a little more grease
Get a little more light an'
How can you forget me if you remember the titans?
Back in my school days
I felt i was gettin cornier
Snatched my notebook
And wrote these chronicles of narnia
I had to think man
My thoughts were blank man
Came back for redemption like the shawshank man
I wanted to set it off
And for people to get me
You know?
Compare me to the talented mr. ripley
What's the worst that could happen?
I'd get rich from rappin?
A high school dropout i couldn't be a surgeon
And i wasn't growin up to be a 40-year-old virgin
Well higher learnin
I'm no longer in the fryin pan
This egg's unbreakable
The gifted iron man
Am i goin in too deep?
Time to get serious
Too fast too furious
I turned 21 and i was feelin delirious
So i got some office space and perfected the craft
Now the gladiator's on a brand new path
Cause any given sunday i can be the top gun
Transform my life
Change my equilibrium
Now the major pain in my life is gone
You couldn't take me underworld
Thats word is bond
I feel like king kong at the top of the world
Now i get everything i wanted
Even get the dream girls
Can't stop the warriors
This bastards inglorious
On cold harlem nights
Destorm reigns notorious
Call me de'sinatre cause i did this song my way
Maybe i will do a part two next friday
That's what i say
Too easy

My life's just like a movie
All these things that happen to me (like a movie y'all)
See they make me strong
No matter what you do
I'm unbreakable
Gotta live my life
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