Body Talk

Donna Summer

I can tell you by the way you stare at me
(Talk) : it's deep... Real deep
Your mind's messed up
Words just don't come easily
(Talk) : it should be natural
Turned my head around
Quiet conversation
Language without a sound

(Chorus) :
Body your body
Everybody let your body talk
Body your body
Everybody needs some body talk

The guy with me he's just a friend of mine
(talk) : it's purely platonic
So if you're tuff enuff
Baby step across the line
(Talk) : girlfriend don't bite
My imagination... baby's
Working overtime
This infatuation... baby's
Bound to blow my mind


Body talk
I can hear your body talk...
Speak to me baby -Body talk
I can hear your body talk
Speak to me baby - Body talk
I can hear your body talk
I can hear your body body body talk
I get the
Come on over here
Your lips ain't moving
But I hear you loud and clear

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