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Does He Love You?

Donna Summer

I've known about you for a while now
when he leaves me he wears a smile now
as soon as he's away from me
in your arms is
where he wants to be

But you're the one he rushes home to
you're the one he gave his name to
I never see his face in the early mornin' light
you have his mornin', his daytime,
and sometimes I have his nights

But does he love you
does he love you
like he loves me
like he loves me
does he think of you
does he think of you
when he's holdin' me
and does he whisper
does he whisper
all his fantasies
does he love you
does he love you
like he's been lovin' me

But when he's with me he says he needs me
and that he wants me
that he believes in me
and when I'm in his arms, oh
he swears there's no one else
is he deceiving me
or am I deceiving myself


Oh, shouldn't I lose my temper
oh, and shouldn't I be ashamed
cause I have everything to lose
and I, have nothing to gain


Oh, does he love you?
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