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Heaven's Just A Whisper Away

Donna Summer

Watching raindrops, slowly falling
Painting pictures on the window pane
Feeling my heart cannot explain
Oh the silence, sounds like music
Seems like I can hear a melody
Baby that's what you do to me

(chorus) :
One thing I'm sure of
Whether it's wrong or it's right
I only want to be with you, tonight
And if you want me to
Baby ask me to stay
Heaven's just a whisper away

Feel the magic, taking over
Please don't stop before we lose control
Baby just let your feelings go
Soft and tender, like the morning
We get closer than we've ever been
We're almost to the rainbow's end


I heard the winds, of forever
Calling out my name
It's paradise, when I'm with you
I will never be the same
Please don't wake me, if I'm dreaming
'Cause this time, this one is coming true
So glad to share my dreams with you
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