Cold Love

Donna Summer

I'm walking the line
I'm walking the line
treading thin ice
time after time

I go for the best, end up with much less
I need the real thing

forget all the rest
started out good
working out bad
all the sweet love turner

sour and sad
so tired of playing love's foolish games
it's always the same
a face and name
tell me why
love passes me by

Cold love, cold love
cold love, cold love
another shot of rock'n'roll love
whatever happened to that
tell me why, tell me why, tell me why
good old love
tell me why, tell me why
Hope in the dark, love in the light
I'll keep on looking for someone

I'm out for the best
who's right
can you stand the test
I need the real thing
no more and no less
love passes me by
tell me why

Repeat chorus
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