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Looking Up

Donna Summer

Looking up, again
I'm coming back to life
I'm coming back to life
looking up, to you
if was really up to you
you had to pull me through
looking up

Looking up a change is
coming over me
I know now that I'm free
looking up, I find
I'm walking tall and proud
and happy all the time

Looking up
I'm looking up
I see my troubles far behind
looking up
(I'm looking up)
looking up
I feel I'm rising to the top
looking up

Someone that understands
is there until the end
to hold the light for me
the light that help me see
and in my darkest hours
will come with sunny showers
to help me to forget

Oh I'm so glad we met
and since that rainy day
the clouds just stay away
you chase them with your love
the greatest love I've known
'cause in the darkest hour
you come with sunny showers
my life is your today
don't ever go away

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