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21st Century Slave

Dope Stars Inc.

In an age of industrial abuse
Where production is so fast
Where it's better to lose
No more space for your personal view
They will give what you need
They will tell what is good
They just tell you: Eat this shit
And the big amount of flocks
Just don't care about this
They just tell you: Work eat die thx alot
And then people become
Just a slave of the spots

21st century slave don't forget to obey
You live and pray. You drink and wait
But now watch your life is freezing
`Cause you work to dig up your grave
You think it's fair believe and wait
But hey watch your life of misery now
It's time to get in your grave

Can't you see how they get rid of you
And you think that is fair
And you think that is good
Then you should try to make up your mood
`Cause the options you have
Are created by those
That will tell you: Eat this shit
And your freedom to decide
It's a joke it's a trick
`Cause you want it: Cool, clean, shaken and done
And again you become
Just a slave of the spots
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