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Self Distructive Corp.

Dope Stars Inc.

there is no turning point
for my obsession
you're gone… I'm lost
What I've been looking for?
I've lost all the things I've fought (for)

There's a sinful ghost
inside the force
that tell's me: "Hardcore!!
Reload your gun:
Forget what you were asking for !"
I'll sacrifice my soul.
So I sell it now
and I will never get it back
I can feel the whole rapture growing
and my blood starts to run fast
I will dance till coma, fuck yeah!

Salvation, Damnation
I'm going down, I'm just a Whore
and baby don't ask me why…
I've just sold my soul.

There's brand new host
so full of force
that yells me: "Hardcore!!"
you have just become and got
what you were asking for
But you have lost your soul
but you should be proud
cause you will never lose again
I can feel your power flowing
and your blood starts to burn fast
You will dance till coma, fuck yeah
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