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Multiplatform Paradise

Dope Stars Inc.

Did you spend just another hard night?
Can't you get enough of this shitty rite?
Speeding more than you ever conceived.
You would better rest. but you can't resist.
Cause it's time to deliver your brain
To the dream machine that will open gates
Of your mind. new realities rise
In the multiplatform paradise.

Reload excite with your synthesized rite.
Don't wait go fast till your death will give some rest.
I'll be there just waiting you, tainted children of abuse.
Are your sure, very sure of this one way ticket to hell?
I can deal with death.

Can't you see it's a pitiful life?
You can never stop every day and night.
Even though you feel more and more sick.
You would better rest but you just persist.
Straight ahead with no care for your strains.
Till the dream machine that will open gates
Of your mind will forget you inside
Of your multi platform paradise
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