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Brain Damage

Dope Stars Inc.

Another year without a light to see.
Without a lack of chemicals for me.
They always track what i do what i see.
There is no chance for me to get a thrill.

The corporation always move the wires of these debates.
Eradicating all they want to trash away your brain.

Prison of thoughts. how should i feel now?
Caged inside a jail for years.
It's just a way to take control and just shatter.
To make a martyr out of me.
Prison of thoughts. why don't you steal now
Everything stored inside of me?
Cause i'm so drained and i can feel my brain damaged
By your control incorporated.

One other dream, the last resort for me.
One other spell to get me out of here.
My video trap that keeps my memories.
Until the end will get inside of me.
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