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Better Not To Joke

Dope Stars Inc.

We have the turboright to say
We want the music. not to pray
And keep on sharing leaving no doubt
We leave no friend outside the game
Hey we want the music for the rich and poor
Hey you cannot block it anytime
In every place we are gonna roll back
Anything we desire is

Ready on the web
Ready on the web
Ready on the web

There can't be freedom with a gate so
Who's gonna be outside the game? so
We're not a baby just to keep shut
Whatever you can try again just fail
The only tards who make a jump whoo
Are just the people from the big corps
Hey hey
But a new morning is going to pitch their thoughts
Cause everything is just turning back the same

It's no one fault
Nothing on the globe
It's no one fault
Have the right to own

It's no one fault
Anything we pwn
It's no one fault
You should better not to joke
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