A Lullaby For Insomniacs

Farewell Flight

Tilt your glasses steep
And drain them if you are like me
Filled up with apathy
Worn out, accepting defeat

Concur if your at home
And you're getting drunk alone
In front of the tv
Stone faced and falling asleep

And smile cause this one is for you
And the trouble you've gotten into
The darkness you are still working through
And the dial-up that's haunting you

I'll tell them what they want to hear
I'm an expert, I've done this for years
They say hurt people just keep hurting people
I've made my bed and I don't want to sleep in it

Come back
And keep me alive

I will touch you
And look in your eyes

And just lay there
My own separate silence

And stay here
And slip in tonight

Oohh ..
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