Farewell Flight

Say goodbye
We've been quiet for way too long, keeping silent as our defense
See them writing on the wall
You see them pressed against the floor
You see the fire in their eyes, and yet you feel so torn? You see them falling by your side
You see their faces on your lawn
You hear them screaming in your sleep, still you sit back and watch? Wake now, oh sleeper
Wake now, it's time
Wake now, oh sleeper
Wake now it's time to be heard
You always play the fool
You always play the victim
Watching this unfold with no reply
The corporate eyes around, scoping out their targets
Out to kill the weak with no regard
All this time, no regret, no where to go
The signal's lost, we're breaking up, it's out the door
We rise to fall
We rise to fall, and its all your fault
Say goodbye
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