Farewell Flight

Loosen your tie, unbutton your shirt
Priorities straight
First things first
Relaxing as your eyes close, your hands upon the wheel
The whole of the day is stuck in your brain
Stare straight ahead as the rain comes sliding down the windshield
Tears are sliding down your face
But, I just tell myself, I have to go on living
I have to keep on breathing, even if it kills me
And in time, my words ring true: Babe, you know I love you, but I've nothing to give you, and I am no good for you
Gas station signs and white dotted lines shining at night
Lonely is mine
I'm speeding on the way home
What am I rushing to? Is it glowing TVs? Or indie movies? I'll try anything to keep me busy
I'm so afraid to let go, but I'm scared of holding on
Still, I just tell myself (as I go on living, as I keep on breathing) that this will one day kill me
But, in time your words ring true: Son, you know I love you. I've always been there for you
What more could I have for you? So, slow your heart down, and close your eyes, now
Let go of your thoughts, now, and slow your words down
So I just tell myself, I need to go on living
I need to keep on breathing
I need to let this kill me
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