Out For Blood

Farewell Flight

i just wanna be alive
i don't wana be alone
i just wanna be in love
i just wanna go home

sandin' on a slippery slope
and baby, it'd a long way down
my heart sinks as it loses all hope
my body crumbles when it hits the ground

if i was out for blood
i couldn't ged filled up
if i was out for sex
i'd never leave my bed
if i was out for drugs
couldn't get high enough
but i'm out for love
baby it's all i want
you're all i want

i don't wanna be down
i just wanna go out
i just need a real hot date with a cute young thing
don't need another friday night in front of the tv
i gotta stop this and do it again
i gotta break my habits and make some friends
i gotta pick myself up off the floor
i gotta swim real hard and reach the shore
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