Farewell Flight

I meet you there, and greet you
I'm falling further into you
Your eyes are blinding to my heart
I can't seem to find my way
Decorations and flowers
Dressed up for the occasion
Finally the sky is clearing, and I'm lost without words
So break free from the cords of reason
I'm ready to be yours completely
My heart is an open highway
You have stolen my heart
I'm going to say it for the record, I'm yours now, forever
With one glance of your eyes, one glance of you
With the past now behind us, we're staring straight at the future
I'm left with nothing but all of me to give
I saw you off in the distance, and suddenly, my existence was drawn away from my intentions
Now, you're everything to me
Here's my heart for the taking, left in tears from the breaking
Now all I am is all you are, and I will never be the same
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