The Little Man


Once upon a time, there was this tiny little man, in a tiny little town, who lived in a tiny little house on a tiny tiny tiny little planet called the earth. This tiny little man was so ordinary, that he became unordinary among other ordinary people. He lived an ordinary life, with an ordinary dog, had an ordinary job, with an ordinary boss. When things got to ordinary and bland for our tiny little man, he used to go to a place known as, for you the listener, the net. On the net, he could be somebody, be someone. Here he could fulfill his dreams by one day being a brain surgeon, another day being a top secret agent on a dangerous mission, a sky pilot, a Latino lover, whatever he needed to be for just that moment, that listener, you could say he was a superman.
But this tiny little man had a vision that someday he would really be someone in the real world, make a difference. This is the story of the little mans ordinary life, his dedication to something that really doesn't exist, but in his tiny tiny little head.
And yes, that brings me back to you, the listener, what's your vision?
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