Masterplan Part I


SOS for mankind, stuck in the illusion
Crawling in the mud of, convincing misconception
SOS for everyone suffering from the belief
That everything we feel is real and driven out of greed

It's in the masterplan
It whispers in the wind
It's in the masterplan
Somewhere in a dream

In this mass confusion of relativity
There's no easy job to make the blind one see
The pattern and complexity of reality
Reality of eternal choice guided by the heart

Sounds, silence, games of hide and seek.
A symphony of colors, in this cosmic mystery
I wait...

Somewhere in a dream
Somewhere I have seen
Everlasting love
Everlasting peace

What's the point of wisdom, when heavens gone insane?
What's the point of war? In the creators name.
What's the use of hoping? When the end is near.
What's the use of fear and hate? Existence needs an empty slate
to write a new masterplan.

Heaven must have played a cosmic joke in all absurdity.
Cruelty, humanity are neighbors on the same street.
Destiny's a prankster playing trick or treat behind your back.
Either way you go you easily end up at the winding track.
Circus sounds of mules and horns are laughing right up in your face
Even with your wildest scream, they will never ever be erased.
Oblivion holds the key and leaves your mouth with bitter taste
So please remind me ones again that this is only part of the plan.
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