Send A Message From The Heart


When the world of colors turns different shades of grey
Send a message from the heart
When there is no justice anywhere to be found
Turn around and face the sun
If you look around you and everyone is blind
Send a Message from the heart

Sometimes we're blind and cannot see
How beautiful the world could be
If we just opened up the doors of freedom

Cause tenderness and time can heal
A battered heart, life revealed
Compassion leads your way in to the sun on you way to paradise

Walking the lane of solitude
The final Brake of day
A shadow cries for attention
In a corner of my eye

Looking out, letting in
Through the broken glass
I saw a trace, jaded face
Heaven in disguise

Beside the odd of prosperity
With eyes of love and peace
Watching the children passing by
This illusionary place

Questions exists to be answered
Take the time to look away
From the borderline

It's time for healing
It's time for trust
It's time for giving
It is time to be

Message are written on the walls
Message are written in the sand
Message are written out of tears
It's time to send a message from the heart

See the silver lining
Find the golden way
Hear the prayers of dying
Without turning the way
Walk the path of contradiction
Tumble when it turns
Be a leader with conviction
See the bridges burn

There's a choice of true salvation
Though the conscious mind
It's waiting there to be found

Time for contemplations
Take it from the start
Time for confrontation
Message from the heart

Tides are turning
Time is near
Tides are changing
Time is here

Messages are written out of blood
Messages create a giant flood
Messages too loud to be unheard
(Too loud, too loud to be unheard)
It's time to get a message from the heart
(Time to get a message from the heart)

When the world is falling and digging in the dirt
Send a message from the heart

When the sky has risen and it's waiting for the end of the Earth
Send a message from the heart

Send a message from the heart
Send a message from the soul

Send a message from the heart
Send a message from the soul
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