Is This The End?


Part I (The End)

Is this the end? How can it be?
I do not mind to face it, I am as happy as I can be.
The curtains falls, I'm still standing tall
It makes no difference now, we really did it all
When I look back its all so clear
I'm filled with warmth it feels so real
I can't help myself of crying
The things we did the things you said
The way you touched and hold my hand
It's really not too bad to be dying
When you are here by my side

Part II (Instrumental)

Part III (The Question)

I'm sorry if I disappoint you but I'm really not ready to check out quit yet
So would you please forgive me if I do not fit in to your perfect set and your
Calculations and registrations and all other forms of your pathetic creations
What is it with you people? Is anybody listening?
Greetings dear citizens see what have you become
You are slaves under the influence, controlled by the very same thumb
So when the bubble finally bursts what will you do?
When you are standing face to face with the naked truth and realize that the answer is you.
It's all the same, but the names may change
Don't be ashamed just sign your names
So when you are old and when you are Grey, and labled as done
Someone else will be on top of it all totally numb
Is this it?
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