"Half a million strong" headed for love
They danced in the pasture of lightning, thunder and mud
Primitive chantings, sounds from a wooden drum
Songs about love and how we shall overcome
How the world was changing
Right before our eyes

1969, revolution
Expansion of minds to the moon and back
With flowers in their hair they turned towards the sun
End of love and Haight, riots in the name of freedom

How the world was changing
Underneath the sky
How the world is changing
Hope and faith arise

Summer is over, a new age has won
The Dynasty decayed, shameless with lust
Drunk on desire and personal gain
While menacing serpents writhe in their veins

How the world is, how the world is changing
How the world is
How the world is, how the world is changing
How the world is
How the world is changing
Under darkened skies

We cannot fathom what we have become
What we're doing, where did we go wrond

We're lost in the chaos, nights without rest
Drowning the voices, breaking the limits
Screaming for quiet, fighting for peace
Wondering if this is how it should be

Where did you go, 1969
Your spirit is needed, it's time to fly
Send us your captain, send us a guide
Searching for love, both low and high

How the world is changing
Fear and hate arise

A battle is raging, gravity pulls us down
We wonder is somebody somewhere
Will help us make it out
As our gentle eyes grow older
The light and beauty reappears
We can almost see it in everything

The years have a pulse and the rhythm connecting every dot
And we can't seem to unraval
This jumbled mess of starts and stops
And we're hoping that there's a purpose
Will we find all we have lost
The warmth in the winter, and the morning frost

We stand still beholding the light of the stars
As it travels through space and time for miles and miles
The miracle ends and then another begins
And it's spinning around and around
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