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15 Minutes

Michelle Williams

Verse 1:
Through all the things i never said and did
Through memories and passageways i'd long
Since hid
One ordinary life is somehow changed
I can't explain

For all the wounds, the longing scars and pain
There's a picture of a broken dream
Somehow re-framed
One ordinary life somehow exchanged
I'm born again
Don't understand

It shoud've been me left standin' out in the
Pourin' rain
All of my hopes and dreams burned up in a
Burst of flame
And it should have been a once in a lifetime
I'm still here wondering why
And here you come again

Verse 2:
Now looking back through time and space
And dreams
The image of your love and grace i've
Often seen
And knowning now what i could not know then
This was your plan

And still sometimes i bow my head in shame
Desperate in my longing just to speak
Your name
And finally i'm resolved to simply trust you
And here you come again
I just don't understand

It could've been me left out there
Wandering aimlessly
Running here, running there, with no
Place to be
And i should have been a one-hit wonder
15 minutes of fame
With nothin' gained and nothin' left to lose
My only chance was you
And here you come again
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