Spoken Word (Interlude)

Michelle Williams

[Phone Rings]
[Ramiyah:] Studio
[Michelle:] Ramiyah's?
[Ramiyah:] Hey (Hey Girl)
[Michelle:] Ramiyah's?
[Ramiyah:] Yeah?
[Michelle:] Y'all know I put an "S" on the end of y'alls name? It's Michelle. Whas' up y'all?
[Ramiyah:] [Laughs] (Whas up?)
[Michelle:] Pretty soon everybody's gonna be sayin' Ramiyah's.
[Ramiyah:] [Laughs]
[Michelle:] I'm tellin' it's Ramiyah y'all. Tellin 'it's Ramiyah.
[Ramiyah:] [Laughs]
[Michelle:] Well I'm just callin 'cause you know I love y'all. Love y'all.
[Ramiyah:] We love you to Michelle (So much)
[Michelle:] One thing I wanna say is that I admire y'all because of y'alls sincerity for God's ministry.
And that umm just keep standing stead strong.
Don't bow or bend for nobody.
Do what y'all you do.
Y'all are here for this time.
And don't change
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