No One Like You

Michelle Williams

Verse 1:
As i look back now
And i think how, how i made it
Couldn't sleep at night things weren't right
So frustrated
But through it all you held my hand
You didn't let me fall now here i stand
I can't express the way you make me feel
And i can't find

I can't find no one like you
Who makes me feel the way you do
Strung out, sold out lost in you
You're so special to me
Thankful you would choose me

Verse 2:
And i won't forget what you've done, you're
So faithful
You'll be my friend untill the end, you showed
Me love
People may not understand, how i got to
Where i am
You're the reasone why, i'll love you for life
And i can't find

Nobody can love me, the way that you do
Nobody can hold me, when i'm going through
If i had ten thousand tongues, it wouldn't
Be enough
You're love so incredible, i'll tell the world
I'm in love

I'm so in love with you
You make my dreams come true
When i can't find my way
You brighten up my day
When i think of love
You're love's all i think of
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