Didn't Know

Michelle Williams

Since I gave my life to You
You showed me what true love is
You guiding me, You protecting me
I'm so happy, I'm so free
And I thank You

Woke up thi mornin'
And the sun was shinin'
Hey I feel so good now
No more worries on my mind
I've been just smilin'
Feelin' Your love around me
Havin' You right beside me
All my problems pass me by, I

Didn't know I'd be so happy
Didn't know I'd feel se free
Didn't know your love would change me
I live in total victory
So many people tried to hurt me
They didn't know that it would help me
Because of you, I'm much better
I didn't know, I didn't know

I feel so free
I can do anything
I got myself together
Loosed from people that were holding me
I can see clearly now
Tears so full of joy
No need to let them near me
No more compromise
No more hurting me or decieving me oh


Now my world is free from guilt and pain
For You I turned in my broken heart

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