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Rescue My Heart

Michelle Williams

This old heart it won't beat apart,
Where are you
Hope you're not too far
Come again
My love once again, sweet God
Come rescue my heart once again

Verse 1:
Don't leave me now, I need your love
The fault was mine, the blame each time
You know that I need you, I can't breathe without you
There's no source of life without you


Verse 2:
Don't take away yeah no, Your spirit, Lord
I'm on my knees, my knees, asking you please
I do need you with me, real close right beside me
Holding my hand all the way


Don't walk away, my love please stay

It won't be
Come on and rescue me
Come on

It is so hard
Hope you're not..
My, Lord, yeah
Sweet God, sweet God
Come and..
I need You, Jesus
I need You, Lord

It won't beat, it won't beat
Hope you're not too far
Come again my love
Once again
Come rescue me, Jesus
Oh, once again
Come rescue my heart
Once again
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