Rewind That

R. Kelly

Like a big gang may pull up to the club(rewind that)
Thosin money like is no one in the club(rewind that)
Coud you see the moma dorp it down on the floor(rewind that)
Reewind(rewind that)
Reewind(rewind that)

Is like i'm in the zone claunin on the cord(rewind that)
Haters be quiet put that money on the floor(rewind that)
Catch'in florida in tha spot light(rewind that)
Reewind(rewind that)
Reewind(rewind that)

( hes back this is the man, yeah we hold'in it down with the
Boy from weo, lets get buck in here! )

The way you dip to the floor, i wanna see that agian
Get in this club sing in spole but i got my second in win
Pluss i'm hugeing the bottle like it was my best frind
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