Gueto Religion (feat. Wyclef Jean)

R. Kelly

Had the landlord at my door
I heard him saying,
Tomorrow no more
Pay me now or leave
But we didn't have anything to give…(ah can you feel me)

Searching for restoration…(and we need restoration)
Make the church my family
This is my story
This is my song
And i can sing it all night long…i tell you why because,


The ghetto is a part of my religion…(the only thing my eyes can see)
The only thing my eyes can see…(and i tell you there aint no man)
There aint no man gonna stop the vision…(i'm a part of the ghetto)
The ghetto is a part of me

Children cry no more…(children cry no more)
Because heaven is upon you
Please put down your guns
And we shall overcome

Thought your load may be heavy
Know that the weight makes you strong
Take my life for example
While i sing my song
Mr. kelly help me sing this song…

Chorus x2

La la la la la lala la…..x3 (fade out)
The ghetto is a part of me
The ghetto is a part of my religion
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