Get Out Here With Me

R. Kelly

Are you by yourself
Is there someone else
Baby, I've got a suggestion yeah

Why don't you just get out of here with me baby
'Cause it's too many people in here
And my house just happens to be
Right around
Right around the corner (Oh baby)
Let's get somewhere
Where you can slip out of something and slip in to something

Get out of here with me baby
'Cause it's, it's just too many people in here yeah
And I just want a little privacy oh
Me and you
'Cause things I wanna do to you I cannot do

Oh my god
Lady, we can
take this last drink
And then you'll take a ride with me
And I promise we won't be long, it won't be long
it won't be before we get to my home
Go somewhere else so that I can get you to myself

Get out of here with me
Baby baby, oh
I wanna lay you down, down, down, I wanna lay you down
So tell me down babe
Just say it
What do I have to do?
Do I have to go down on my knees
Oh baby
Begging you
begging you
baby please please baby baby baby please
Get out of here with me, please baby
Say nothing to no-one and just walk out of here with me (just walk out of here with me)
Girl come on 'cause I promise (Baby you and me can have a better day)
Girl I just wanna take, I just wanna take
You, I really wanna take you
Out of here with me
Get you and lay you down, and make you scream
Hear me talking
In a room full of just us
Exactly what I prayed for see
Heaven answered my prayer
Thank you God now that I'm here with you
Get ready baby
'Cause I'm so ready baby
So ready to explode
In you
I'm so glad that you took my hand when I said
Get out of here with me baby
Thank you baby, ooh
For leaving with me
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