Kiss Your Candy

R. Kelly

Hey hey hey hey

Hey, hey
Hey, hey
Hey, hey
Hey, hey

I wanna kiss your candy
Lick your candy
Wanna kiss your candy
Lick your candy
You can kiss my candy
Lick my candy
You can kiss my candy
Lick my candy

Cmon now girl
How many licks does it take
To get to the center
Of your body girl
And make you scream
How many does it take
Bbefore your calling my name
And squeezing on me
Girl your body's so right
And when you walk by
You Got the club on pause
(Ooh girl)
In your jeans real tight
I can see your little crack
Wanna hit them drawers
You windin' on me grindin' on me
Its like
You got perfect timing on me
Got my stunners down
While your stripping in the club
But when you bendin' over
Gotta lift my stunners up
Eyes dark brown
Your skin is caramel
Girl you taste like nut juice
See your just
Like a box of cherries
And girl I wanna eat you

Oh, on the floor girl
Pitch it like a pro do
Turn around
Let me hit it
Like a pro do
Five o' clock
Let's get up
Out of here
In the coup
Twenty minutes
Ffrom my crib
Do you wanna go
Promise to go low
On you
You already know
That a playa wo
Na sex you
Spank, spank
Girl poke it out
So I can go
Spank, spank
Move around
And let me hear you go
Ooh, ah
Shake it shake
It shake it now
Ooh, ah
Tell me
Can you take it now
Your like a bag
Of treats
There so much variety
So much to nibble on
I'm like a kid
In a candy store
Girl whenever I go
Low on you
Gotta let you know

Chorus x2

ooh woo yea
I want you to take
Some shots with me
(Ooh woo yea)
Get somewhere
And make a after party
(Where we can blow one)
Ain't nothing wrong
With lettin'
Yourself be free
(No, no, no)
And let me
Hit it
From the back (yeah)
Jump up on the top (yeah)
Here I am on my knees

Hey, hey
Hey, hey
Hey, hey
Hey, hey
Hey, hey
Hey, hey
Hey, hey
Hey, hey
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