Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry

Ray Charles

The torch i carry is handsome, it's worth its heartache in ransom
Now when that twilight steals, i know how the lady in the harbor
When i want rain, i get sunny weather, i'm just as blue, blue as
The sky
Since love has gone, i can't get myself together, guess i'll
Hang my tears out to dry
My friend ask me out, but i tell them i'm busy, i've got to get
A new alibi
I hang around at home, and ask myself: "where is she?"
Guess i'll hang my tears out to dry
Dry little tear drops, my little tear drops, moving on a stream
Of dreams
My little memories, those precious memories, remind me of our
Crazy schemes
Then somebody says, just forget about her, but i gave that
Treatment a try
Strangely enough, i got along without her
Then one day she passed me right by - oh well
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