Feelin' Sad

Ray Charles

I'll tell the story just once again
The way I love you, darling it's a sin
You mended my heart, you broke once, baby
And now you broken my heart again

Lying on my bed, I'm sick at home
My mother's dead and my father's gone
You said you'd stay here beside me, baby
And now you left and I'm all alone

I was in Korea in '51
I had no love and that was no home
I would send you all my money, baby
And all the time you were doing me wrong

So now goodbye, if you called that home
You left me here, just to cry and moan
I'm about to lose my mind, baby
So why did you have to roam?

Pray with me boys, please pray with me


Hey Lord! I'm feeling sad, I'm feeling sad
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