I Can Make It Thru The Days (But Oh Those Lonely Nights)

Ray Charles

Girl, I'm so lonesome tonight
I was just lyin' here wonderin' where you are
And what you're doin'
And Lord knows the thing that worries me the most
Is who yer don' it with
That's why, if you don't mind,
I'd like to sing these words to ya, ya see
I've got new books to read
But they ain't what I need
And this picture of you
Just won't do, no, no, baby
And the postcards you send would never (never) mend
The pain in my heart when we're apart
Girl I can make it thru the day
But oh, please help me thru the lonely nites
When I'm on my job It's not too hard
But when I go home
And I'm all alone (and I'm by myself babe you heard me)
You know you're my crutch I need you're sweet touch
Then it gets the nite time again Lord when will it end
I'll make it thru the day say, but oh
You don't know nothin' about the lonely nites
Well now nite go away please hurry up day
Cause my nite lite burns and I toss and turn
Tell me what would I see if I turned on TV
I don't know what to do, Lord knows, I need me some you
I can make it thru the day
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