Ain't Gonna Worry My Mind

Ray Charles

It's the same old story that they all hand me.
The Preacher tells me these are troubled times.
But I know the Lord's been in tougher scrapes then this one.
Ain't gonna worry, ain't gonna worry, ain't gonna worry my mind.

Got no money in the pocket.
You don't get rich working overtime.
But as long as you can't buy the springtime in Virginia.
I ain't gonna worry, No I ain't gonna worry,
Ain't gonna worry my mind.

That is all that ever makes you richer.
Oh well, if the truth be told,
Moonlight spins my only silver, and the sun is my only gold.
Oh ya.

So go on wishin',
go on prayin',
go on sayin',
I'll hit better times.

How in the world could you love me any better?
Ain't gonna worry, I tell ya.
I ain't gonna worry no more.
Ain't gonna worry my mind.
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