I Won't Sing A Song

Ray Charles

There's no fool like an old (a young) fool
When he paints his spectacles pink.
He acts his love in words
And he rhymes his love in ink.
An old fool is a bold fool
And he shines he spectacles up.
His time for love is short
So he quickly drains the cup.
I'll tell the one I love,
"I do not want the smile of you,
The glance of you, the heart of you,
But I want every part of you."

I won't sing a song,
I won't dream a dream,
I won't drink the milk without the cream;
Words of love are words,
Sentiment is tame.

I don't want the name without the game.
You can see if you've the eyes for seeing,
I'm yours with every fibre of my being.
While your heart is weak
And my will is strong,
You'll be mine
And I won't sing a song.
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