A Short History Of Nearly Everything


Do you remember our best adventure?
Stealing off to climb Westers Hill?
Creeping out of our house at midnight?
Do you remember on the way down after,
I cut my leg right open on that fence?
And I cried and I cried...

It was just a hill we climbed
That night, but it felt like
The top of the world.
"Top of the world, ma!"
I'm on top of the world...

"Our teachers had faith in their lessons, their doctrine,
But these facts are unreliable, these cracks are undeniable,"
you said.

"Do you feel the warmth beneath your feet?
That's cos the earth is so very old...
They should have warned us years ago.
We should have been told that secret kept
By Mum and Dad
Which covered everything...
'At first it's dark, and then it's light, and then it's dark again...'

* * *

"You're bleeding, but it's alright,
'Cos we'll stay awake the whole night.
'Cos I found a rock in an ancient place,
And it's older than the human race...
So let's build a fire, a homing light
For astronauts and satellites.
For scientists with soldier's hearts,
For pioneers of earthly arts...

You and me, we're dead in the blink of an eye.
We've been and gone...
...we're dead in a blink of the earth's eye."
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