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We're All Going Home In An Ambulance


A school the choices I made were rock and roll bands and getting good grades,
But brains and wearing all black,
to some of those guys,
it's like a red flag,
the taste of anyone's fist is not a good vibe,
or something I've missed.
I was intimidated, assaulted and for what?
I hope they choke.
Shrugged off the shit in my youth like growing up pains and losing a tooth,
But it's not a matter of age.
They're everywhere,
these people don't change.
When I was in New York, a woman tried to start a fight with me because she thought I was Jewish,
and somehow it felt wrong to to tell her that I wasn't
I hope she chokes,
I once saw a man with blood on his face from beating up black kids,
and I could hardly breathe
Your race, your faith, or just your clothes incite
They drink and they fight...
it's not safe out tonight
your race, your faith, or just your clothes incite
They drink, and they fight
so don't go out tonight, don't!
If your mum and dad hit you as a child
I feel sad for you, but that's no excuse for it
who said its o.k to behave in this way,
I cant help but feel it's us...
For the sake of our own skin we walk away
and its like we all say "thats alright" "its alright" "its alright"
I wish I had the guts to stand up for myself,
and for others as well,
against these fuckers

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