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Stuck In My Throat


These wars of words are pointless
Nothing gets accomplished, no
To see you bent and broken
You'd think I'd like it

But I don't
It disgusts me
That I can be
So petty and so weak

Yeah, You're sorry
Everyones always so sorry
And I thought I heard you say
"To lose is not ok, win is the only way"
Guess what I did with my day
Well, I failed

Despite my reservations
I think it's time that we met, we met
And all these complications
(And all these complications)
Yeah they make me something i'm not

(This is a war)
You're kitten as a cat
I know where it's at
Yeah this is where it's at

Yeah you're sorry
Everyone is always so sorry
And I thought saw you stray
But I love you anyway

And I'd like us to be forever
That's what I tried to say
But it got stuck in my throat
And words are missing
Words are missing
Words are missing
Words are missing
Stuck in my throat
Now that I know it could only be you
I try to speak out
But the words are missing
Words are missing

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