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Suffocation Of The Soul


I thought that I was full of such hope and light, and such love
But all my words,
I wrote them for you.
And all my songs,
I sang them for you...

Photos of me, they all show,
a staring man I don't know.

You know that I've been through all this nonsense with you.
And all my words,
I broke them for you.
And all my plans,
I snapped them in two.

I could create, like it was stealing.
I loved to sing, how I was feeling.
I had a soul, that burned for beauty.
But who gives a shit?!
I must admit...

I've lost it a little bit...

I can't breathe this atmosphere.
Wait till I get out of here,
'Cos I have wasted year after year,
and smile I may but it's insincere my dear

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