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Man, am I that pig headed?
I let the whole thing slide
Cracks appear in my vaneer
Like bruises on my pride

And when it gets to it
I shrink and fall away
My tongue is swelling up
I tell it "not today"

I've not anticipated
So much was over-rated

Your grinned suggestions
Invite my questions
And make me feel so small
I'll ask you softly,
Cause I don't want the answer
And I'd fall if you said fall...

7 days is all it takes
To push me overboard
I see the faces turn in my direction
And I feel so unsure

And when it gets to it
My head begins to spin
Just find another way
Build it up and kick it in

I got Mick Jagger action
Can't get no satisfaction

You don't have to tell me - I know already
I understand it all
I see your face when my eyes aren't even open
And I'd fall if you said fall...

I'm a loser
I'll be your loser
I'm your loser

I'll make you sorry, you ever met me
And just forget it all
(Say fall I'll fall, say fall I'll fall)
It's not your fault but I'll blame you anyway
And I'd fall if you said

Say fall and I'll fall
Say fall and I'll fall

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