Desecrated-Decapitated (A Hymn to Monica D.)


Growing erection caressing her pale and
shaking patterns of skin
Held down to the ground, vaginal tunnel
wide open, blood pumping
Gagged by filthy and reeking hands,
vomitous, disgorging between
Fingers of her murderer, fist pulverising
jaw, disfigured and crying
Removed from the scene of crime, blood
and remants removed by the rain
Buried in an unmarked grave, headless
with her head between her tits

"Kill me, please, just kill me"


In the next room, blood covered the
walls and ceiling
Three female bodies with hooks impaling
their throats
Hanging from rusty chains, their bodies
showed signs of bitemarks
And inside the wounds, old semen and
maggots festering

Down in the cellar, bodies buried inside
the walls
Stench was hideous, bloody handprints
on the cement walls
Here some of the sickest things, took
place, his intercourses
Rotting carcass, chopped up bodies,
meathook penetrating flesh...

Exhuming bowels...
Decaying torsos...
The murderer...
Nowhere to be found
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