Oral Fistfuck


I force my fist into your mouth, suck my
Fingers one by one
Teeth are breaking as I twist, always
A big mouthed bitch
A gurgling sound is heard, now what
Have we learned?
Be careful for what you wish for, or
I will give you some more

Oral fistfuck

Proceed down in your throat, fingers are
Ripping out your tongue
You feel like vomiting, but my hands
Stops you from doing it
Blood is running from your lips, I give
You a warm and gentle kiss
Hot and sticky in the halls of flesh, I will
Give so much deserving death

Down in the ribcage, it's getting hard for
You to struggle
I touch your beating heart with my cold
Hands of pleasure
I get so horny, so I jam my arm into
Your stomach
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