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Born Dead


Inside the womb of a dead woman, the
Fetus is growing and breeding
Raped by the undead, she took the
Maggotfilled seed
Arms and legs are torn off, the eyes was
Ripped and carved
Rotting meat giving the fetus decay
Fetus is swimming in pus and cum

Maggots, cockroaches, worms and
They feast on the rotting remains of the
Maggots, cockroaches, worms and
The rectum is sticky from diarrhea

Crawling out of the corpse, open the
Eyes to the world
Hideous screams fromt he fetus, echoing
Through the wastelands

Lusting for the meat, to drink blood that
Is so sweet
Eating a rotting carcass, raping his dead
Mother rotting ass
He loves her so dearly, he wants her to
Stay with him
So he devours the corpse

He follows the way of his fathers
He rapes new women to create life
Ripping of their heads and limbs
Leaving the corpses for the fetus to eat
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