A Pile of Skulls


Take the heads from the cemetery, the
Headless bodies are buried
No use for the spine or meat, cut off the
Hands and feet
The axe hacks through the head, total
Desecration of the dead
Corpses decapitated in their sleep, taken
From it's cold and safe keep

Put them in a pile
Deep down in my home
A pile of skulls

Skinning the head from the skin, slicing
The flesh really thin
Cleaning blood from the skull, the water
Is red of blood
I want perfection in my collection, the
Teeth must shine
Empty skull from vital organs, another
Piece for my pile

Deep and dark holes that was once filled
With joy
Pointing out the eyes, give them away
As a toy
Stench is hideous from the pile of skulls
That is so old
Collected by a man that is so cold
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