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Violent Intercourse


Spreading your pale legs, dipping tongue
Into the cunt
Lickng and biting the lips, sucking on
Your clit
I know that you like it
Twist and turn in delightment
But it will take a dramatic change, I will
Kill you

Forcing my hand deep inside of you
Grabbing what I can get
Pulling out organs and blood, drinking
Leukorrhea from the cunt
Your scream in pain, biting lips as
I smile
I am done with your cunt, time to get

I pull my knife and slide it into your
You shake in pain, I enjoy fucking you
Take it all whore, as I fuck you hard
Blood and shit running, out of your open

Fucking you in your rectom, my cock
Covered in shit
Forcing you to suck me, lick your shit
From my dick

It's time to end it, I was enjoying it
Stabbing you in the cunt, smashing your
Your throat filled with your own shit
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