Purple Cow Haze

Soda Pop Fuck You

Poor little girl
She never had a chance
Looking for answers
And finding song and dance
What lies behind a curtain of lies?
A mother who suffers
And a little girl who cries
Don't be confused by her animosity
She still licks the wounds from being too trusting
And don't misinterpret her desire to be free
She doesn't need a false sense of security

Looking ahead
The turning heads
They never catch her eye
She's haunted by the mystery of secrets that she hides
Finding escape in solitary unchained melodies
Haunted by the mystery of secrets that she keeps
On and on but not forever

Poor little girl
Never gave her a chance
She only wants to see
What she can mke with her own hands
Don't try to take her only dream away
With reminders of the failures
And the folly of yesterday

Didn't you think?
She was bound to escape
Didn't you know?
She'd grow too big for your cage
Used to walk underneath you
Now she walks by your side
Stop pretending this litle girl has died
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